Bill & Mary Anne Lewis
May O’Nays
Josh Cunningham


Hope Zoeller & Joe DeSensi
Jeanne-Marie & Todd Rogers
John Austin Clark
Michael DeLeon & Greg Bourke
Robbie Shields & Joe Rudy
Anette Harlowe & Rick Barr
Iam Bennett
Jon Cariel
Bryce Cariel
Caperton Realty
Terry Phillips
Jeramy & Jimmy Kaiman
Tricia & Matt Fike
Sally Hartzog
Gregory Tronzo
Max Bever
William McConnell
Karla Meyer
Swope Family Foundation
Bridget Yates
Swank Salon
John Marovich
Nancy Shanahan
Tom & Patsy Cecil
Paul George


Benji Simmons
Michael Perysian
Kate Ballowe
Craig Spears & Greg Kamenish
Aaron Chadwell
Jessica Brooks
Richard Goff
Michael Yount & Chris Walker
Josh Hay
Patrick & Heather Roney
Julie Matos
Tina Snellen
Whitten Montgomery
Addie Reinhart
Gerald Robertson
Michael & Harold
Leigh Nieves
Rebecca Smith
Michael Marple
Judith Youngblood
Michael & Lane
Beth Jankowski
Brian Walker
Asher Snow
Anne Huntington
Justin Chelf
Peter Duncan
Jeremy Wells
Michael Cooper
Sharon Detmer

Can we call you DaddY?

Drag Daddy Productions is an LGBTQIA+ owned and operated, nonprofit 501(c)(3) performing arts company founded in Louisville, Kentucky, by Executive Director and Producer, Tony Lewis. It is our mission to provide performance and rehearsal space; as well as, opportunities to trans, non-binary, drag, queer and ally individuals alike. With a focus on equitable pay for performers, we strive to provide safe and healthy spaces for all performers, crew members, volunteers and audience members. Our programming features original works written and/or created by queer artists, unconventional casting of musical theater and other forms of alternative story-telling.